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Forum Changes FAQ

questions and answers regarding the January 2020 changes to MacInTouch forums

Will MacInTouch forums continue to be available for viewing?

Can I register a new forum account?

Can I still post messages?
People who directly support MacInTouch, financially or otherwise, can still submit messages for now, but only submissions that follow the spirit and letter of our Posting Principles will be accepted, and moderation delays may be longer than before.

Can I contribute information without using the forum?
Anyone who has helpful, appropriate and objective information to share with the community is very welcome to email me directly.

Can I still contribute support?
Absolutely, and in various ways. Using the MacInTouch Amazon link remains a critical factor, and direct support is also important if you want to keep MacInTouch going.

Can I get free support for a unique problem I'm having that doesn't involve MacInTouch nor affect many other people?
That’s not something I can provide on an individual basis, although I plan to continue researching and sharing information that’s helpful to the whole community. (There are many other places on the Web where you can seek help.)

What about MacInTouch sustaining supporters?
They will continue to get priority and (limited) direct support.

I have a question you haven't answered and/or comments about the change.
Please go ahead and email Ric directly with any questions and comments. Feedback is welcome, and we'll update this page as needed.

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