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Posting Principles

These essential principles define MacInTouch discussion forums and their associated priviliges.

The MacInTouch community exists to help each other learn and solve problems.


  • The critical criterion: Does your submission benefit others? How? (That's the key!)

Posts we welcome

  • informative, helpful facts and answers
  • tips and procedures
  • questions of general interest
  • helpful, enlightening experiences of interest to others
  • concise, fact-based analysis
  • corrections (to factual errors or technical errors)
  • posts written in good, clear, standard English

What not to post:

  • anything illegal
  • any malicious URL or content
  • masked/redirected URLs
  • anything misleading or factually incorrect
  • anything insulting or belittling to other people
  • unsubstantiated claims, speculation, or propaganda
  • random opinions or opinions stated as facts
  • fisking / arguing / flaming / soapbox
  • "me, too" duplication of other posts
  • rambling, jumbled or multi-topic messages
  • excessive/lengthy posts
  • politics
  • self-promoting or self-profiting posts
  • made-up/strained analogies
  • ALL-CAPS! bolding!
  • stupid/offensive/ALLCAPS usernames
  • non-standard capitalization, punctuation, spelling; jargon/slang/abbreviations; or anything else that degrades readability
  • emoji


  • Please let us know right away - through any of our contact links - if you see any problem or error anywhere on our systems, so that we can fix it promptly!

All submissions are subject to approval by the moderators, who may also edit them for length, clarity, grammar, punctuation and adherence to these principles.

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