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    storage systems

    Akitio announced an upcoming bundle of its Thunderbolt 3 PCIe enclosure with Intel's unique Optane storage media, with pre-ordering due to start next month:
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    migration/updates and compatibility

    In the past I've restored hard drives by (SuperDuper!) cloning, but for setting up new machines I've always set them up from scratch and then copied data over. This is a lot of work. I have a 2013 iMac with macOS Sierra, and will soon receive a new iMac. I'm thinking of cloning the 2013 iMac...
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    I installed the new CCC 5.1 (Carbon Copy Cloner) version and allowed it to create APFS snapshots in my macOS 10.13.4 iMac’s internal SSD and on an external SSD that also is an APFS volume. It is happening quite unnoticed. Good so far.

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