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    benchmarks and benchmarking

    Having scattered benchmarks all over the forum (some tagged with #benchmarks), I'm finally starting this topic thread to hold more benchmark results.... Samsung T5 and SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD 2018 Mac Mini internal 500GB drive 2018 MacBook Pro internal 1TB drive 2017 MacBook Air, 2011 &...
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    Mac Mini (and alternatives)

    Let's start a new thread about this new Mac Mini (and others)... Here's an update:
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    MacBook Pro & alternatives

    The photo group I support jumped on the chance to buy fully loaded 2016 MacBook Pros for ≈ $1200 below retail. I had not researched the machine, but searches now reveal serious problems with it. Yesterday here it was noted that Apple has begun a keyboard replacement program. We received the...

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