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    migration/updates and compatibility

    In the past I've restored hard drives by (SuperDuper!) cloning, but for setting up new machines I've always set them up from scratch and then copied data over. This is a lot of work. I have a 2013 iMac with macOS Sierra, and will soon receive a new iMac. I'm thinking of cloning the 2013 iMac...
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    App Store/software/firmware updates

    Seeing another App Store update oddity. Just noticed a new most "recent" Update to Numbers is release date March 27, 2018. Um, I Installed Numbers update version 5.0 (5576) on April 27. With no link to further info it's impossible to tell if the current "latest" has a slightly different...
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    2006-2013 Mac Pro and alternatives

    Apple's current Mac Pro, which hasn't been redesigned since 2013 and still has old Thunderbolt 2 ports instead of the current Thunderbolt 3 technology, is still not due to be replaced until sometime next year, 2019, according to the company:

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