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    FileVault issues

    I repurposed a purchased corporate MacBook Pro for my wife. I created a flash drive High Sierra installer, booted from it, formatted the Mac’s SSD drive as APFS (encrypted) with a passphrase, mounted it, and installed High Sierra. After the install and migration from her old Mac completed...
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    iMacs and related issues

    The screen on my Late 2013 iMac (with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M) has suddenly decided to go wonky. If I have too much white on the screen the bottom half completely smears out. Restarting didn't help. AppleCare has expired. I don't see any news about a recall for this model. Does anyone know if...
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    GPUs, eGPUs & graphics

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    2006-2013 Mac Pro and alternatives

    Apple's current Mac Pro, which hasn't been redesigned since 2013 and still has old Thunderbolt 2 ports instead of the current Thunderbolt 3 technology, is still not due to be replaced until sometime next year, 2019, according to the company:

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