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    iPhone SE

    MacRumors article: Apple Begins Selling iPhone SE Again on Clearance Store, Starting at $249 Brand New
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    I just updated an iPhone 6s to iOS 12, and it seems to be working well. As others have reported, the phone does feel like it is a little zippier after the update. However, I did have a moment of anxiety in the middle of the update. I was doing an "over the air" update while connected by USB to...
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    App Store/software/firmware updates

    Seeing another App Store update oddity. Just noticed a new most "recent" Update to Numbers is release date March 27, 2018. Um, I Installed Numbers update version 5.0 (5576) on April 27. With no link to further info it's impossible to tell if the current "latest" has a slightly different...
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    iPhone/iPad batteries, charging, etc.

    The battery on my iPhone 6 was becoming very problematic. Unexpected shutdowns, slowness, sudden draining. Though it qualified for the $29 battery replacement, thanks to symptoms, the Battery Health beta and Coconut Battery, the nearest Apple store is about five hours away. The word is that...
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    phone cracking

    Motherboard has a series of articles about phone cracking, including this recent one about a commercial device from a company employing a former Apple engineer that can apparently bypass iPhone passwords:

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