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    benchmarks and benchmarking

    Having scattered benchmarks all over the forum (some tagged with #benchmarks), I'm finally starting this topic thread to hold more benchmark results.... Samsung T5 and SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD 2018 Mac Mini internal 500GB drive 2018 MacBook Pro internal 1TB drive 2017 MacBook Air, 2011 &...
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    photo/video platforms and performance

    After looking at the sketchy details of the all new Mac Pro, one thing is for sure: Apple will be selling a lot more iMac Pros. Perhaps that was by intent. I had expected a basic functioning Pro at about $6k. Had to be more than the iMac. I’m disappointed. 8 core. 32GB RAM. 256GB SSD. No video...
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    2019 Mac Pro and alternatives

    Re. Mac Pro: Onboard spinning hard disks or more than 4TB onboard storage are definitely extraneous, inflexible and useless. Thanks, Apple.
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    WWDC 2019

    Apple's annual WWDC (World-Wide Developer Conference) plays to an audience without whom Apple's business simply would not exist: third-party developers who create all the "apps" and games that people buy and use on their Apple devices and Apple operating systems. (Hardware developers were also...
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    Mac Mini (and alternatives)

    Let's start a new thread about this new Mac Mini (and others)... Here's an update:
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    Final Cut Pro/FCPX and video editing

    I use a Panasonic GH5 to shoot 4K video and edit footage in FCPX [Final Cut Pro X] 10.4.3 on a 2015 MacBook Pro 15" top-end BTO model with 1TB internal SSD (Apple) and dGPU. Regardless of whether my footage is transcoded or not, and regardless of whether the footage is on my internal 1TB SSD or...
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    Finder issues, alternatives & performance

    In spite of a few issues, I rather like Path Finder, which was mentioned once or twice earlier in this thread. I have not tried the 8.0 paid upgrade yet and am curious to hear any first impressions. TIA
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    iMacs and related issues

    The screen on my Late 2013 iMac (with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M) has suddenly decided to go wonky. If I have too much white on the screen the bottom half completely smears out. Restarting didn't help. AppleCare has expired. I don't see any news about a recall for this model. Does anyone know if...
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    GPUs, eGPUs & graphics

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