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    Apple Card and alternatives

    Here's a new thread for Apple's new credit card, starting with some related links: Apple: Apple Card press release Apple Card (website) How to apply for Apple Card How to use Apple Card Request and use your titanium Apple Card Manage your Apple Card account See your Apple Card spending history...
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    GDPR privacy law

    In another thread it was noted that privacy settings changed in the latest MS Office 2016 update. That change is no doubt related to the EU General Data Protection Regulation that will become enforceable in the EU on May 25. The GDPR extends the scope of EU data protection law to all foreign...
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    automotive security and privacy issues

    As the Internet and Web gave rise to unprecedented security and privacy abuses, the rapid integration of related technologies into automobiles will undoubtably have similar effects. Here's just one tiny example:
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    Facebook issues

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