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    printing issues

    I've had a client using an HP OfficeJet 8715, which had been connected via Ethernet to a fairly recent and capable DLink AC3200 router (looks like a space ship, has 6 antennas and dual-band WiFi). No problem printing from the client's Windown 10 PC via Ethernet. But from his iPhone and iPad the...
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    I have a DSL router (Zyxel C1100Z--the DSL modem supplied by CenturyLink) that is very sensitive to static discharges. It sometimes loses its internet connection if I touch a light switch and get shocked, sometimes 2 rooms away. This happen sometimes a couple times per day. The internet...
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    AirPort issues/alternatives

    Engadget got a statement from Apple confirming that it's abandoning its AirPort products

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