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    5G phones

    Remember the iPhone 4 grip of death where holding it in certain ways would block a lot of wireless signal? Well we're likely to encounter this phenomenon in spades with the first generation of 5G phones that are going to soon be available. As pointed out in a Light Reading article, one of the...
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    I have a DSL router (Zyxel C1100Z--the DSL modem supplied by CenturyLink) that is very sensitive to static discharges. It sometimes loses its internet connection if I touch a light switch and get shocked, sometimes 2 rooms away. This happen sometimes a couple times per day. The internet...
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    printing issues

    I've had a client using an HP OfficeJet 8715, which had been connected via Ethernet to a fairly recent and capable DLink AC3200 router (looks like a space ship, has 6 antennas and dual-band WiFi). No problem printing from the client's Windown 10 PC via Ethernet. But from his iPhone and iPad the...
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    Internet (and phone) services

    Here is quite an interesting article (from the CBC! why not the New York Times?) about how wireless mesh networks might undercut the Big Cable and maintain Net Neutrality in the Bay of Fundy of Capitalism: 'Anti-authority' tech rebels take on ISPs, connect NYC with cheap Wi-Fi What's wrong...
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    AirPort issues/alternatives

    Engadget got a statement from Apple confirming that it's abandoning its AirPort products

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