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Kurt Lang is a photo retoucher and prepress specialist who keeps up on fonts with regard to macOS, Apple apps, Microsoft Office, Adobe apps and much more. Each time after I upgrade macOS, I refer to his Font Management for macOS guide. His most recent version is dated January 10, 2020.
Warning: It's a lot of information, so go slowly.
His font guide is one of my must-have resources when I install an OS. He has also been a helpful voice in Apple's User Discussions, where too many rude, opinionated jerks tend to dominate.

Happy Camper News Flash!

Affinity Publisher now imports InDesign IDML files, and it does a great job at it. Dozens of files we've tested open amazingly well and require little if any tweaking. Links to original resource files (tiffs, eps, pdf, etc.) are retained or easily re-linked, the same way InDesign IDML relink works. Retaining links was something we missed opening PDF files and was an obstacle to full adoption. This update fixes that.

In becoming free of Adobe shackles, we do need IDML re-saves of old jobs, so Affinity can open them. Daunting initial thought, but Creative Pro has a great InDesign script to batch-export Indesign files to IDML: Batch-convert/export files. It's free and fast. Just drop the JavaScript binary into your Scripts folder in InDesign. It converts folders of files. We've been batch-converting whole client folders to IDML. And those files now open in Affinity. It works. No more blackmail.

IDML import is good enough and what we needed. We're standardizing on Affinity from here and encouraging my clients and agencies we work with to do the same. I think it's possible to become Adobe-free! (big party to come)

The security update to Acrobat Reader DC late last month may have broken editing, annotation and comments. Yesterday I annotated PDF page proofs in Acrobat Reader DC and sent them to the editor. I had noted some wonkiness when trying to mark changes, because the same procedures did not seem to work all the time, but once I managed to make the changes they seemed to stay made. This morning the editor reports that no changes are on the proof I sent her, and I could not find anything on my copy this morning. Saves do not appear to stick. Trying again this morning, I noticed changes may stick if I open the "comments" sidebar, where changes and markup is shown, but that was not required before. Is anybody else encountering this?

Ric Ford

Serif/Affinity has responded to the coronavirus crisis by tripling the length of their free trial period and cutting their already inexpensive prices in half:
Serif said:
Affinity - Supporting the creative community
With all that’s going on right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic and in response to the many stories we’re hearing from the creative community about how they’re being severely impacted, we felt it was our responsibility to try to offer as much support as possible during this incredibly difficult time.

That’s why we’ve put in place three new measures which we hope will help at least some of you out there. These are:
  • A new 90-day free trial of the Mac and Windows versions of the whole Affinity suite
  • A 50% discount for those who would rather buy and keep the apps on Mac, Windows PC and iPad
  • A pledge to engage more than 100 freelance creatives for work, spending the equivalent of our annual commissioning budget in the next three months (more details of this will be announced soon).
The introduction of the 90-day free trial and deeply discounted pricing is done in the hope that this will make life a little easier for people who rely on creative software to make a living, but may be stuck at home without their usual tools, or for students who might not have access to their Affinity apps on their personal devices.

In addition, by increasing our spend on commissioning work from freelancers we can also put some extra money into a part of the industry which will be particularly affected.

We plan to make the free trial and additional discount available until 20 April, but we’ll continue to review the situation as time goes on.

We know we’re not saving the world, but we hope these measures can at least provide some form of relief to those who need it. We’ll pull through this together…

Adobe are offering 2 months free/payment holiday for Creative Cloud individual users because of the Coronavirus - typically for Adobe, it's not obvious or automatic, but instructions can be found over on Creative Bloq. I was successful in getting it for my wife yesterday evening (UK, all apps yearly subscription paid monthly).

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