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I believe you'd have to download iOS 12.4.2 (or possibly 12.4.1). The older version without security fixes is no longer "signed" and is thus unavailable.
Yes, Ric, that's the one I downloaded: iOS 12.4.2. (I was using a shorthand version in my post.) As you say, 12.4 isn't even available. The signing server still returned an internal error, after many tries, with 12.4.2.

And, by the way, there was no way to update the iPad Pro over the air to iOS 12.4.2 – the only option available was 13.1.2.

Ric Ford

FYI (with a note about iOS 13.1.2 bugginess):
The Verge said:
Apple iPad (2019) review: no competition
...I joked to my co-workers that all I really needed to do for this review was just rewrite that phrase: “It’s an iPad.” It’s been a running joke since 2017’s iPad review, in which I explained that there are only three things you needed to know. Those three things are also true of the new model:
  1. It is an iPad.
  2. It costs $329 for the base model.
  3. You should get it if your old iPad is dying. You should not get it if your old iPad is fine.
This new iPad is good. It runs all of the same apps as the iPads that cost two and three times as much (or more). And in most cases, you might not even notice a difference in how well it runs those apps. It doesn’t have any issues with iPadOS 13, at least not any that are different from the overall bugginess of the OS that afflicts all iPads as of this writing. (13.1.2, for the record, still has issues.)

Good Stuff
  • It’s an iPad
  • Smart Keyboard connector
  • Good battery life
  • iPad app ecosystem still great
Bad Stuff
  • Older processor
  • 32GB not enough storage on entry model
  • Keyboard and Pencil accessories are expensive

Everything seems to be working pretty well, except Safari on the iPad Pro can't see open tabs on my other machines on the same network, something all the other machines can do quite well; and the other machines can't see the iPad Pro Safari tabs. After a few restarts, insuring that all the correct boxes are checked, and patiently waiting for the tabs to appear, I finally suspect that my other machines would have to be updated to Catalina in order for the iPad Pro to see tabs. The easy test for this would be to see if the iPad Pro could see my iPhone XS after I update it to iOS 13, but I am not ready to do that yet.
Safari on my MacBook Pro, running Mojave, is able to see the tabs from my iPhone running iOS 13.1.2 and my iPad running iPad OS 13.1.2. Same is true for my iPhone and iPad.

On my iPad I have a pop up message stating
Cannot Verify Server Identity
The identity of "XXX" cannot be verified.
On the bottom of the message, there are two buttons to select "Details" and "Cancel". I do know that the certificate for the server (domain) has expired and waiting to be renewed. No matter what I do, selecting one of the buttons to dismiss the message alert, the message alert always pops up a few seconds later and won't stop.

On my iPad, there is an email account for that server (domain) and in Safari, that server (domain) is bookmarked. My question is how do I permanently get rid of the alert message?

Ric Ford

This looks like a pretty good price for an iPad Pro with ample storage and cellular as a bonus [Amazon]:
Also, the companion Apple Pencil is on sale at the moment:
Apple's latest iPad is currently discounted $100 at Amazon (this is the one that's compatible with the Apple keyboard and Apple Pencil 1):
Unfortunately, this now seems to be out of stock at Amazon.

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