MacInTouch FAQ



What's "MacInTouch?" MacInTouch is a community, a small company (MacInTouch Inc.), and this website, all working together to provide timely, accurate information for more than 30 years about Macintosh computers, other Apple products, innovative technology, security issues, and much more.

The MacInTouch website is open to the general public with just a few restrictions to combat abuse from botnets, spammers, criminals and other bad entities, but most content can be viewed without restriction.

MacInTouch depends on its community for support of various kinds in order to keep operating. Supporters who provide sustaining financial contributions/subscriptions (~$2.31/week) and/or vital content contributions get extra priviliges/benefits/support.


You can't buy editorial content or space on MacInTouch - we never do "pay to play". And we never sell or spam your email address. However, we do need some funds for operation, because direct contributions/subscriptions aren't enough to pay the bills. Anonymous visitors/entities may see ads, and we offer a MacInTouch Amazon link for any and all Amazon purchases. We also present Amazon ads to some visitors and include Amazon links to some individual products.


We offer varying levels of benefits to visitors, depending on their contributions and commitment. Anonymous visitors/entities can view much of the website, but they are not permitted to post messages, vote in polls, or see certain categories of content (nor do we support bots and access via cloud-hosted systems, TOR/cloakers, etc.)

Press Releases

We welcome press releases about products and services of interest to the MacInTouch community, in a plain text email without enclosures and with a subject that names the company and product, sent only to:

Be sure to include the following essential information:

We love new Mac products but dislike hype and vaporware, so please focus on the types of facts noted above.


If you have questions, corrections, concerns, or feedback about MacInTouch itself, you can send appropriate and relevant email to public at, but see the special notes for press releases and be careful never to spam this address in any way. Please be sure to use the forum for anything that's not specific to MacInTouch itself.


MacInTouch began in 1985 as an independent journal about Macintosh computing, created and published by Ric Ford and Rick LePage. The two business partners produced the monthly publication without advertising or sponsorship as Ford-LePage Inc. in Framingham, Mass. Although MacInTouch became a highly respected publication, the business venture was not viable, and the partners dissolved the corporation two years later.

MacWEEK magazine was starting at this time, and MacWEEK's publisher (Michael Tchong) agreed to fulfill the remaining MacInTouch subscription obligations with copies of MacWEEK. Rick LePage began full-time work at the magazine in a branch office in Cambridge, Mass., and Ric Ford joined him later in the year.

Ford and LePage began a popular, weekly column in MacWEEK under the MacInTouch name in 1988 and continued writing it together until 1991. LePage then moved to California, and Ford left Ziff-Davis employment but took over responsibility for the column. Ford also developed and managed the MacWEEK Forum on ZiffNet, which was very active for a number of years. Rick LePage went on to become editor-in-chief at MacWEEK and MacWorld, then president and editorial director of Macworld and associated publications.

The MacInTouch web site, started by Ric Ford in 1994, was one of the very first "blogs" on the Internet. By 1998 it was serving daily Mac news and information to more than a million computers all around the world, and MacInTouch Inc. was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.