LaunchControl is a Mac utility from Soma-zone that lets you control what programs are running on your Mac by provding a graphical interface to the operating system’s critical “launchd” mechanism. Features include a control palette that shows all manner of “jobs” (running programs), including background, hidden and startup programs (e.g. Google’s updater; Apple’s gamed and photoanalysisd; firewall programs, disk drivers, backup programs and much, much more), providing details about status, invocation, options and program locations, plus numerous controls over their operation (along with built-in help and tooltips).

(Note that changes to Apple processes, such as disabling unwanted Apple Game Center or photo-analysis daemons, require turning off “SIP” via the csrutil disable command, which must be entered from Recovery mode on the Terminal command line.)

LaunchControl 1.50 is priced at $15 for OS X 10.7 and up. (See FAQ for uninstall instructions.) The latest release brings a few improvements and fixes.

With LaunchControl you see all services and their respective status at a glance. Invalid services are highlighted and a problem description is provided. You can enable or disable services with a single click. The same goes for loading, unloading and ad-hoc starting. A long list of jobs may be filtered by job name and/or various properties, helping you to find what you are looking for in an instant.