Scudo is new macOS “hybrid firewall” software from (which previously created WaterRoof, IceFloor, Murus and Vallum firewall apps for the Mac), designed to be user-friendly while letting you choose between a “silent” automatic mode and an interactive mode.

Scudo combines both a network-layer and an application-layer firewall. Its purpose is to give all Mac user a compact, easy, reliable and affordable way to:

  • protect shared documents and services from unwanted connections from remote computers
  • improve privacy and security detecting apps connections attempts and allowing you to choose which app is allowed to connect to the network
  • throttle upload and/or download bandwidth usage for each service/app independently

Scudo is a graphic user interface for an inbound network layer packet filter based on PF and an outbound application layer socket filter based on AFW. Additionally, Scudo automatically monitors your Mac for active network services and applications so you are always aware of all network activities.

Scudo 1.0 is priced at $10 for OS X 10.11 and later. The download includes an installer package, an uninstaller app, and a user manual in PDF format.