balenaEtcher is a cross-platform utility from for installing (“burning”) disk images onto USB flash drives and SD cards (e.g. for building bootable Ubuntu or Elementary OS Linux systems). Features include integrity checking, quick operation and a friendly interface.

balenaEtcher 1.5.79 is a free, open-source (Electron/”lego block“) download for OS X 10.10 and up, Linux and Windows. A few caveats and notes:

• A MacBook Pro probably can’t boot from its built-in SD card slot, but an SD card can be inserted into an external USB card reader for booting.
• Some Linux distributions (e.g. Elementary OS, Ubuntu) may work, while others may not.
• The terminal command diskutil list may be helpful for getting info about a Linux drive that’s invisible to the Mac Finder.
• Related/alternative utilities include Fedora MediaWriter , UNetbootin, ImageBurner and the dd Unix program, plus rEFInd and rEFIt.