forum changes

I have written in the past about MacInTouch challenges and changes, but some of those changes have been delayed by demand and outpourings of support, plus my own personal engagement with the community. Now the time has finally come to make one change, which is to phase out MacInTouch-hosted discussion forums (FAQ). As unique as our approach has been, and as much as I enjoy productive discussion, there are other alternatives to something I can no longer personally sustain.  Specifically, TidBITS Talk looks like a reasonable alternative from folks with a similar history and philosophy, plus a team of people to run the forum.

As far as MacInTouch itself goes, I plan to continue this website going forward, focused on our traditional topics and useful information in a similar format but with the added improvements of our recent platform upgrade. (I also hope to make more improvements in the months ahead.)

Thanks yet again for your support!
Ric Ford

We’re on a new platform now.

I have now migrated MacInTouch to a new publishing platform (which hasn’t been at all easy…).

Please let me know right away if you encounter any problems.

We have seen browser security alerts with subdomains, e.g., but not for, which should work OK.

Some browsers seem fine with the certificate situation (e.g. Chrome, Safari), while others (Firefox) are fussing over it.

I’ve now purchased a security certificate that’s supposed to cover all subdomains (* The certificates don’t seem to be completely operational yet, but I’m hoping they will get the job done soon.

Ric Ford

updates & thanks

MacInTouch home page updates will be sporadic at best (and possibly non-existent) from now until after Christmas, as I continue to work on a long overdue platform update and also take a little time for family activities. MacInTouch Community forum updates will continue during this period, but they also may be more sporadic from time to time.

A special thanks again to the core of people who have kept things going here with their support, and I wish all of you the best for a safe and happy holiday!

Ric Ford

current status

I’m currently working on a platform upgrade for the MacInTouch web site, and home page updates may be irregular as I go through that process between now and the end of the year. (Some web hosting changes and additional expense may be required, but that isn’t completely clear yet.) There also will be some scheduling adjustments around the Christmas holiday for family time.

My sincere thanks go once again to the people who have kept this website and community going through yet another year in challenging conditions. I am very grateful for your support!

Ric Ford