Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

The COVID-19 pandemic is a life-changing global crisis that has already killed thousands of people, overwhelmed medical systems and devasted daily life for entire populations along with crippling businesses and the global economy. Yet it has barely begun, and it will explode in the weeks and months ahead with untold consequences (barring a miracle, and I don’t see any signs of one).

MacInTouch will be affected, too.  Expect interruptions and delays at a minimum, and we’ll see what happens over time. I don’t anticipate changing the focus of the website, but I have collected useful, reliable information after seeing deadly misinformation promulgated by politicians, their media and irresponsible individuals inside and outside the USA, while family and community members have been confused and lacking critical facts.

Taking precedence over the usual MacInTouch topics at the moment, because this is infinitely more important, I have posted that collection and am updating it frequently:

Ric Ford

Apple coronavirus/financial update

Apple issued an investor update today about the financial effects of the current coronavirus on the company’s operations and profits:

Investor update on quarterly guidance
As the public health response to COVID-19 continues, our thoughts remain with the communities and individuals most deeply affected by the disease, and with those working around the clock to contain its spread and to treat the ill. Apple is more than doubling our previously announced donation to support this historic public health effort.

… Work is starting to resume around the country, but we are experiencing a slower return to normal conditions than we had anticipated. As a result, we do not expect to meet the revenue guidance we provided for the March quarter…