HoudahGeo is a Mac app from Houdah Software S.A R.L. for connecting photos with geolocation data. Features include import of GPS track logs and waypoints from many brands of GPS devices, with automatic geocoding from track logs; built-in map display and adjustment; corrections for camera time zone and clock errors; reverse geocoding (determine location names and ground altitude from GPS coordinates); metadata (coordinates, location names, title, description, keywords, etc.) and tag writing (EXIF, XMP and IPC) to image masters or XMP sidecars; Google Earth KMZ/KML export; upload to EveryTrail and Flickr; integration with iPhoto, Aperture, Photos and Lightroom, and more. (See HoudahGeo user manual [PDF] for more details.)

HoudahGeo 5.4.2 is priced starting at $39 for OS X 10.10 and up with a free trial version available. (Older versions for earlier Macs are available at the bottom of a support page.) The latest release “can now read catalogs created by Lightroom Classic CC 9.”

Pin photos to the exact locations where they were taken. HoudahGeo stores latitude, longitude and altitude as geotags right within the image file, just like a GPS-enabled camera [and] supports many methods of geocoding, ranging from automatic to manual. Use a GPS track log, reference photos taken with iPhone or pick locations on the built-in map.


macOS Catalina notes talk about Apple Books bugs, Dymo label software compatibility, QuickTime 7 elimination and virtualization workarounds, plus Thunderbolt sleep crashes and tips for installing Mojave (or High Sierra) on new Macs that can still run it while shipping with Catalina installed.

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