GraphicConverter is a popular and well-supported graphics utility from Thorsten Lemke (Lemke Software GmbH) that can view, convert, filter and manipulate images, with import and export of many formats, batch conversion, slideshows, GPS/geotagging, face detection, Apple Live Photo conversion to animated GIF, support for Finder tags, and AppleScript support among its many features. (See GraphicConverter manual for full details.)

GraphicConverter 11.1.3 is priced at $39.95 for OS X 10.9 and up with a free trial available for downloading. Upgrade, family and volume licenses also are available, and Older versions support earlier Macs.

Version 11 version was a major update, while the latest release adds a few more features, updates, and bug fixes.

New features

  • convert & modify: function rasterize PDF
  • preferences convert/export IPTC
  • preferences open/dds
  • native 64 bit PCD import without usage of a helper application
  • copy video dates to matching videos in destination folder
  • batch action: add/remove margin with percentage
  • browser: export of summary as CSV
  • menu edit / copy / copy GPS as plus code
  • menu file / new / items to create a new image from Exif preview, FLIR data and depth data (if that data exists)


GPXSee is a cross-platform (Qt-based) GPS log file viewer and analyzer that “supports all common GPS log file formats.”

Key features

  • Opens GPX, TCX, FIT, KML, NMEA, IGC, CUP, SIGMA SLF, Suunto SML, LOC, GeoJSON, OziExplorer (PLT, RTE, WPT), Garmin GPI & CSV and geotagged JPEG files.
  • User-definable online maps (OpenStreetMap/Google tiles, WMTS, WMS, TMS, QuadTiles).
  • Offline maps (OziExplorer maps, TrekBuddy maps/atlases, Garmin IMG/GMAP & JNX maps, TwoNav RMaps, GeoTIFF images, MBTiles).
  • Elevation, speed, heart rate, cadence, power, temperature and gear ratio/shifts graphs.
  • Support for DEM files (SRTM HGT).
  • Support for POI files.
  • Print/export to PDF.
  • Multiple tracks in one view.
  • Full-screen mode.
  • HiDPI/Retina displays & maps support.
  • Native GUI (Qt) for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
  • Free software (GPLv3 open-source license).

GPXSee 7.25 is free, open-source software for OS X 10.10 and later, Linux and Windows.

GPXSee supports most tile server based online maps out there, but the list of map definitions distributed with the official packages is limited to a small set of well known global map services. You may however easily extend (or change) the default map list with your own map definitions. There is a community driven GPXSee maps repository on GitHub where you can find a lot of additional map definitions for various map services, usually run by some state geographic institution or a non-profit organization.


HoudahGeo is a Mac app from Houdah Software S.A R.L. for connecting photos with geolocation data. Features include import of GPS track logs and waypoints from many brands of GPS devices, with automatic geocoding from track logs; built-in map display and adjustment; corrections for camera time zone and clock errors; reverse geocoding (determine location names and ground altitude from GPS coordinates); metadata (coordinates, location names, title, description, keywords, etc.) and tag writing (EXIF, XMP and IPC) to image masters or XMP sidecars; Google Earth KMZ/KML export; upload to EveryTrail and Flickr; integration with iPhoto, Aperture, Photos and Lightroom, and more. (See HoudahGeo user manual [PDF] for more details.)

Pin photos to the exact locations where they were taken. HoudahGeo stores latitude, longitude and altitude as geotags right within the image file, just like a GPS-enabled camera [and] supports many methods of geocoding, ranging from automatic to manual. Use a GPS track log, reference photos taken with iPhone or pick locations on the built-in map.

HoudahGeo 6.0.2 is priced starting at $39 for macOS 10.14 and 10.15 with a free trial version available. (Older versions for earlier Macs are available at the bottom of a support page.) The latest release fixes some bugs after a major update:

HoudahGeo 6.0.2

  • Fixes a problem with importing keywords from Apple Photos on macOS Catalina
  • Fixes a crash on loading track logs
  • Fixes a crash while searching for Places during map geocoding
  • Allows for the Inspector pane to be resized wider


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