iMazing is a cross-platform app from DigiDNA SARL for backing up, cloning and restoring all the data on iOS devices (including photos, music, videos, text messages, call history, voicemail, contacts, notes, voice memos, ringtones, etc.), transferring files between iOS devices and desktop computers (Mac and Windows), and managing music and other files. iMazing can be particularly helpful when you need to back up or clone an iPhone or iPad that iTunes refuses to back up when it’s tied to a different Mac that’s no longer available, or when there are compatibility problems among iTunes, iOS and OS X/macOS versions.

A rich set of features includes app management and download (after iTunes abandoned that), support for iOS device configuration profiles, a file/folder browser, drag-and-drop support, creation and renaming of folders, the ability to display and save detailed information about the phone (including battery info), bookmarks for files and folders, access to iCloud, HEIC file format conversion, “Time Machine-like backups of iOS devices via Wi-Fi”, compatibility with High Sierra (APFS), “a new backup archives format compatible with all kinds of portable storage, including NAS drives”, power-user features and more. (See iMazing FAQ for additional details.)

iMazing 2.11.6 is priced at $44.99 (single computer license) for OS X 10.9 and up with iTunes 12.2 and up, supporting all iPhone, iPad and iPod devices from iOS 4 up, and it offers a 30-day trial period. (There’s also a Windows version.) A Universal license for two computers (Mac and PC) is $49.99, and a 5-computer family license is $69.99. The latest release includes support for iOS 13.5:

Improvements in 2.11.6

  • iOS 13.5 is now fully supported
  • Configurator: Added a Max simultaneous downloads setting in the Preferences window, Library tab
  • Configurator: Added Manage Profiles and Manage Organizations buttons in the Preferences window, Library tab.
  • Messages: Improved support for message attachments in legacy iOS version (iOS 4)
  • Quick Transfer: improved compatibility with legacy OS versions


BackupLoupe is a Mac app from Soma-zone that improves greatly on Apple’s oddball Time Machine software, offering more useful, coherent and detailed information about your backups, files and space usage.

For example, BackupLoupe (but not Time Machine) can tell you easily what files Time Machine backed up, and when, plus what folders were involved, and how much space was required. BackupLoupe also offers the ability to restore and recover files, its own fast search system, Time Machine backup statistics, and more. (See BackupLoupe FAQ for additional details.)

BackupLoupe 3.0.1 is priced at $15 as a personal license for macOS 10.13 or later with a limited trial mode available prior to the non-refundable purchase. Business licenses are priced at $50 per computer. (BackupLoupe 2.16.2 is available for OS X Mavericks 10.9 through macOS Mojave 10.14.)

The latest release brings a few fixes after the major Version 3.0 update.

  • New UI centered around machines, not backup devices; All snapshots belonging to a machine are listed in chronological order, no matter where they are stored
  • Integrated Disk Manager allows for mounting of network backup filesystems from within the application
  • Immediately shows approximate size of snapshot. No indexing required.
  • Reduced size of caches by ~80%
  • Entire snapshots may now be removed from withing BackupLoupe
  • Improved History View with support for QuickLook drag&drop restore
  • Still recognizes machines and volumes after they have been renamed
  • Proper handling of volumes sharing the same name
  • Shared caches for users with admin privileges


Backup notes talk about TIme Machine issues and macOS process priorities, Time Capsule hard drive compatibility, ChronoSync, etc.

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T2M2 (The Time Machine Mechanic)

T2M2 (The Time Machine Mechanic) is a Mac utility app from Howard Oakley (The Eclectic Light Co.) that helps check on the integrity of Apple’s Time Machine backup system, analyzing your Mac’s system logs to check for anomalies and errors and reporting on backup volumes, file counts, space usage, deletions, scheduling, errors, intervals, deep scans, compaction, and more. The app includes detailed built-in help and a “Back up Now” button.

T2M2 1.12 is a free download for macOS 10.12 and later.

Much of the time, Time Machine backups work fine. Every hour or so, your Mac automatically makes a new backup, and when you need to retrieve something from those backups, it’s there, ready for you. But Time Machine can and does go wrong, and often does not warn you that it has stopped making backups regularly, has stopped working altogether, or that errors have occurred. You may only discover this when you go to use your backup; it is then too late. The Time Machine Mechanic, T2M2 for short, is an easy-to-use tool which checks that your backups are being made correctly. It tells you details such as how much has been backed up, and when. It reports any errors which have occurred, and keeps you fully informed about what has been going on with Time Machine.


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