TenFourFox is a Firefox-based web browser, reprogrammed for PowerPC-based Macs with separate downloads optimized for G3, G4 and G5 processors. Providing up-to-date security to the older Mac platform, it offers “the latest bug fixes, security improvements and all the powerful technology underlying Mozilla Firefox”, along with “AltiVec JPEG, HTML and WebM decoding acceleration for G4 and G5 Macintoshes” and JavaScript performance based on a “best-in-class, just-in-time PowerPC script compiler.

TenFourFox Feature Parity Release 19 is free and open-source software for PowerPC-based Macs running Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5. Release 19 brings security fixes and updates.

Google Chrome security update

Google Chrome is the cross-platform web browser from Google Inc. with a hidden auto-update daemon and agent that has wrecked Mac systems and wreaked other havoc, and it has other proprietary Google additions on top of its open-source platform. The latest release includes a bunch of high-priority security patches among a total of 56 security fixes.

Google Chrome 80.0.3987.87 is a free download for OS X 10.10 and up, as well as Linux and Windows.

Google Chrome for iOS 80.0.3987.88 is a free download for iOS 12 and up with the following change in the latest release:

When you start a search in the address bar, you’ll see top suggestions served locally on your device, even in Incognito mode.

URL Manager Pro

URL Manager Pro is a bookmark manager from Alco Blom that is independent of any particular web browser and can synchronize bookmarks across Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and other apps. It offers a system-wide bookmarks menu, support for Spotlight searching of bookmarks, and support for gathering URLs from text files and other sources as well as from browsers. Other features include bookmark import/export among various browsers, plus browsing history. (See FAQ for additional details.)

URL Manager Pro offers you an array of powerful features for collecting, manipulating, and using very large collections of URLs. Not just URLs of Web pages, but also the URLs of email addresses, newservers, FTP sites, Telnet hosts, and more.

URL Manager Pro 5.0.1 is priced at $35 for macOS 10.13 and later. Older downloads are available for Mac systems going all the way back to Mac OS 9. The latest release “uses new Apple technologies like Auto Save and Versions, Sandboxing, Notarization and the Share button.”

Firefox: critical security patch (72.0.1)

Firefox 72.0.1 brings a critical security patch for “targeted attacks in the wild abusing this flaw.”

Version 72.0.0, the previous version released just a day earlier, also brought security fixes, plus additional privacy and security protections and feature updates:

Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection marks a major new milestone in our battle against cross-site tracking: we now block fingerprinting scripts by default for all users, taking a new bold step in the fight for our users’ privacy.

Firefox replaces annoying notification request pop-ups with a more delightful experience, by default for all users. The pop-ups no longer interrupt your browsing, in its place, a speech bubble will appear in the address bar when you interact with the site.

Picture-in-picture video is now also available in Firefox for Mac and Linux: Select the blue icon from the right edge of a video to pop open a floating window so you can keep watching while working in other tabs or apps.

Firefox is the free, cross-platform web browser from Mozilla, promising better privacy than Google’s Chrome and offering an appealing, open-source alternative to Apple’s Safari.

Firefox 72.0.1 is a free download for OS X 10.9 and up, plus Linux, and Windows.

Firefox ESR 68.4.1 (see security notes and downloads) adds the critical security fix to the Extended Support Release family for OS X 10.9 or later, Linux, or Windows. A Firefox FTP server includes all the various versions for downloading.

Firefox Quantum Developer Edition is an alternate version for desktop systems that incorporates tools such as editors, debuggers and responsive design views.

Firefox Quantum for Enterprise is a version that lets people set up policies (e.g. proxy, restrict features) with Group Policy on Windows and a JSON file on Mac and Linux.

Firefox for iOS 20.2 is a free mobile version for iOS 11 and up, with automatic search suggestions, a private browsing mode, tracking protection and Siri Shortcut support for iOS 12.